A great way to learn about something or improve is to read great books. Here are a few of our favorites. All are available from highly recommends:

A Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams by Yael Zofi

A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams

This is a terrific book by Yael Zofi. It is a very comprehensive and well thought road map for Managers in charge of Virtual Teams. Not only a great read, but a great reference for anyone wanting their business to prosper and employees to be more effective. Get it now! You can find it here:


Nolo Press tends to have some of the best publications around for Business. The books below on Employee Management are all rated as excellent reads.

All of theĀ  above are offered from Amazon and if you click on one of the above you will go right to it in the online bookstore. You are encouraged to recommend your favorite Employee Management and HR related books or you can comment on these if you have read them. See our Contact Us page for details.