Managing a Remote Workforce

Employee Management has to change with the Digital Times. So much of Management is clinging to a past that just doesn’t work well anymore. Below is an article from IDG Enterprise that shows the way from Today’s Employee Management to Tomorrow’s.

Frankly, I don’t think being able to see someone at their workstation everyday is much of a management style at all. It never worked well. Measuring the right things works much better. And you can do that with Remote Workers too.

For efficiency, work-life balance and just the practical nature of work today drives more worker mobility. Just as I am sure there were managers and business leaders when the phone first came into prominence claiming that business has to be done face to face, not over the phone there are similarly those stuck in the past today. They too will be proven wrong.

Get managers who can manage today’s workforce and establish guidelines and metrics and have at it. Its better for everyone and its even a much Greener way to work too.

Side Note: This is the first article that crossed over to Desktop Anywhere

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