Managing Virtual Workers

Here is a great article from Business Week on Managing Virtual Workers.  This is a model for Employee Management whose time has come. The more remote workers we have while managing effectively means greater flexibility, less cost and is a very Green way to go.  Its good for employees, good for business and good for the planet. Managing such employees is a bit different as you have to be on top of productivity without being able to see the person in the office.

This information from Billie Williamson of Ernst & Young in Newsweek provides great insight on how to be a great virtual boss in tough economic times.  Here is a link to Managing  Virtual Workers.


One Response to “Managing Virtual Workers”
  1. BobG says:

    As an employee of an organization that works on and with individuals and teams (China) that are virtual, I have found that making the effort to participate virtually yourself is valuable to understanding the virtual employee experience. On those occasions when one’s personal circumstances make being in the office a challenge, work virtually. By doing this it helps one appreciate the nuances of what it is like to be a virtual worker as well as come to appreciate the tools that often are used to facilitate virtual work, e.g., SKYPE, YUGMA, etc….

    Frankly the flexibility of working virtually gives one a better appreciation of how productive a virtual worker can be. The constraints of everyone having to be in the office for progress to be made is a legacy mentality that today’s tools and services completely resolve.

    My guess is that at some point the practical realities of the larger issues surrounding reducing everyone’s carbon footprint will ultimately make many of us virtual workers at least a few days of every work week.

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