What makes a great boss?

Want to get the most from your Employee Management efforts? Look to the managers and make sure they are good at what they do.

This article from the International Business Times has some solid information on how that might be going in your organization. Here is a link to the article:

What makes a Great Boss?


One Response to “What makes a great boss?”
  1. BobG says:

    It would be great to see articles about how “Great Bosses” / Good Bosses can best manage the current economic environment of getting more work with fewer employees! Worker productivity continues to be at historically high levels while unemployment is at historic high levels… Given this circumstance the issue of worker fatigue and burnout has to be on the minds of those Bosses who want to be “Great Bosses”!

    Additionally, while it is clear that the recovery from the Great Recession is going to be a long and slow recovery, once the recovery gains pace the best and brightest employees will have ample opportunities to bolt to companies that have more realistic expectations about the volume of work to be performed. A Great Boss needs to anticipate how to retain burned out and over worked employee “superstars”!

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