The Future of Stress in the Workplace

In talking with friends of mine lately, I am aware of more stress from their work. A lot of that stress is from the perception of the world at large. To most, it seems a bit less stable at the least. The more stressful the world is or seems in general, the more the workplace […]

Managing people at work: 5 key HR trends

This article identifies key trends in HR. There are the five key trends in the human resource space today according to Niketh Sundar  the Head, Global HR, UST Global, IT Services Company. Here is the article: Managing people at work: 5 key HR trends

Employees Using Their Own Tools

This is a nice trend we see in helping workers feel better about their workplace, making things more convenient and getting things done. For years IT and other departments have been dictating to employees what they had to use for technology.  This not only made employees often carry multiple devices as they had to use […]