Great Book on Managing Virtual Teams

A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams This is a terrific book by Yael Zofi. It is a very comprehensive and well thought road map for Managers in charge of Virtual Teams. Not only a great read, but a great reference for anyone wanting their business to prosper and employees to be more effective. Get it […]

Tips, Tricks, Tools and Links

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Managing a Remote Workforce

Employee Management has to change with the Digital Times. So much of Management is clinging to a past that just doesn’t work well anymore. Below is an article from IDG Enterprise that shows the way from Today’s Employee Management to Tomorrow’s. Frankly, I don’t think being able to see someone at their workstation everyday is […]

Hiring Your First Employee

One of the most important aspects to Employee Management is to hire the right folks. Here is a great article from Simply Business in the UK that has some ideas on that. Read the entire article Hiring Your First Employee