Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Managers and Specialists

Looking for a job or career in Human Resources? Here is some great Employee Management Career information. This is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics under the US Department of Labor. The Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition has some great information including a much faster than average growth for the field. Here is the complete […]

Top 10 HR Mistakes Made by Businesses/SMEs

Good Employee Management checklist for thinking about your HR policies and/or planning.  Many of you would be amazed at the lack of planning for HR, even in larger companies. Well, before BP, more would be amazed. Here is the full article from Nazri at Blogspot: Top 10 HR Mistakes Made by Businesses/SMEs

Employment Retirement Readiness – Are they ready?

One way you can really help with your Employee Management is to provide your employees with a great understanding of how to successfully retire. When to do it, how much you need, how to plan for it are all great questions. Here is an article with a related PDF download from the Employment Benefit Research […]

White-collar lies on rise?

Validating résumés and hiring employees is an integral part of Employee Management. While no one can rely on a resume it is a good source of lie detection in a way. And, according to an article in the Omaha World Herald, lies may be on the rise. Most of us try to write résumés in […]