Writing and giving performance reviews

Here is a good  article from Business Management Daily on giving performance reviews as a part of the Employee Management Process. A good list to work from in developing your Performance Review Procedure. Writing and giving performance reviews: 8 do’s and don’ts

Employee performance review Template from Microsoft

There are some good business templates on the Microsoft site including this one for Employee Performance Review. Microsoft can be a bit of pain sometimes but these business tools are good to know about for those in Employee Management and other businesses. Here is a link to the referenced template: Employee Performance Review Template for […]

Tips for Hiring Your First Employee

Some great second hand advice I heard from a minority business person (currently running for Congress) was to create jobs in a company. Then you could increase your wealth exponentially if successful, rather than just on your own improvement. Sage words and the old Consulting model. Employee Management is not the only way to make […]

Employee Management for Collaboration from different locations

This, from FastCompany.com, is a video in a series. This particular video is a short and to the point clip to get you thinking about collaboration over the web. You can really get a lot from this type of work leveraging the improving technologies, but technique is important. Employee Management – Collaboration from Different Locations […]

A Guide To Performance Management

This is a great article on the basics of Performance Management. What is Performance Management? Why is it important? Who conducts Performance Management? What are the processes involved? The phases of the Performance Management process explained. Performance Management

Keeping Top Talent Means Companies Must Do More

Here is an article from the Vancouver Sun that is often the perspective of top companies in attracting and keeping talent. The article is on point about the talent equation, I think the overall economy is still up in the air in the mid-term. Nevertheless, smart companies do more than chase the short term bottom […]

Improve the Performance of your Employees – Fast!

Start improving your Employee Management results today. Get the information you need to get the most from your employees. Effective Employee Management is critically important to every employer, from the largest of corporations to the small business with just a few employees. EmployeeManagement.com is there for you, your business, and your workforce. EmployeeManagement.com provides free […]

Improve Benefits, Improve Performance

Employee Benefits typically refers to vacation benefits, retirement plans, health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, etc. Employee Benefits are one of the most important aspects of Employee Management, optimizing the satisfaction of employees with their company. This section will be updated soon to help you find out how to maximize the opportunity for your business.

Use Employee Management Software

Employee Management Software can dramatically Improve Results – You can easily achieve your goals for Employee Management with the right resources, tools and information. Technology is one important component of success. Employee Management Software can help.

Employee Management Continuous Improvement

One of the most important considerations of Employee Management is the need for continuous improvement. Employee Management is not something a company decides to do and then just repeats the same steps. Some approaches to managing your employees will always be a good idea. But, times change and so must your best practices and business […]