Wait! You are going the wrong way!

We are big advocates of new virtual workers. Hard to believe even Internet companies sometimes are so stuck in the past. While it is hard to say that physical contact can’t sometimes benefit, it is nothing to pivot your employees lives on without respect to anything else. Think of the improvements of work/family balance, reducing […]

Remote Workers MORE Engaged!

Yes, Remote work is the answer to many of our most agreed upon problems. Greater work/life balance, less traffic, less energy cost, a cleaner planet and a more productive work force. Let’s see one of our politicians beat that list by spending less! The Harvard Business Review recently published a great article that aligns with […]

5 Tips for Virtual Collaboration

Getting the most out of your employees can be tricky when they are working right in front of you. And, while the benefits of Virtual Work are well known and economics savings are off the chart, you may want to consider a few things to ensure you are doing the best collaborations possible. Here are […]

Hello India

Welcome to those from India to the EmployeeManagment.com site. I have noticed in the traffic stats that there are many from there who visit the site regularly. Not sure why, but I hope it is because they realize that Employees are truly the most valuable asset companies have and that improving management of those employees, […]

What Your Employees Need Most

Here is a great article from Inc Magazine. The Eight Things Your Employees Need Most.  

HHS Health Insurance Finder

Here is a tool from the Federal (HHS) Health and Human Services Department helping folks find health insurance services. This tool  may help you find a better health insurance plan that saves you money and/or provides better services. Small Business Health Plan Finder Here is the article on small businesses to find and compare health […]

Why Employers Aren’t Getting the Employees They Need

An interesting and common take on why Employers need help getting the workers they need. I just wonder if the Employers don’t need to take responsibility for their training their own workers. The current system may  not be perfect, but the best companies will figure out ways to bridge these gaps themselves leaving their competition […]

The Future of Stress in the Workplace

In talking with friends of mine lately, I am aware of more stress from their work. A lot of that stress is from the perception of the world at large. To most, it seems a bit less stable at the least. The more stressful the world is or seems in general, the more the workplace […]

Managing people at work: 5 key HR trends

This article identifies key trends in HR. There are the five key trends in the human resource space today according to Niketh Sundar  the Head, Global HR, UST Global, IT Services Company. Here is the article: Managing people at work: 5 key HR trends

Employees Using Their Own Tools

This is a nice trend we see in helping workers feel better about their workplace, making things more convenient and getting things done. For years IT and other departments have been dictating to employees what they had to use for technology.  This not only made employees often carry multiple devices as they had to use […]

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